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Home » Towing » Brake Controllers & Electrical

Brake Controllers & Electrical Parts

When it comes to safe trailer operation we have the proper wiring kits to prevent you from butchering your trucks electrical system as well as trailer brake controllers to ensure safe stops.

Products in this category

  • Brake Controller Mounting Brackets

    These Brackets make mounting your brake controller a breaze

  • Brake Launch Control

    Brake Launch Control

  • Brake Light Converter

    Brake Light Converter

  • Flasher

    When preparing your vehicle don't forget to upgrade your turn signal flasher. The factory flasher usually cannot handle the extra load of additional lights causing it to cycle too quickly.

  • Towing Light

    Use these prewired towing lights for occasional flat towing vehicles or small utility trailers. These lights simply stick to your vehicle in tow with magnets and plug into your trucks tow light plug.

  • Trailer Brake Control

    If your trailer is equipped with brakes you will need a controller to make them work. We have many high tech controllers to help you tow with greater control and safety.

  • Trailer Brake Control Wire Harness

    These Connector Harnesses are designed to take the headache out of wiring up your brake controller. These harnesses will make installation a simple plug and play operation.

  • Trailer Break Away Safety Systems

    These systems automatically apply your trailer brakes in the event that the trailer becomes detatched from you tow vehicle preventing run-aways.

  • Trailer Light Kit

    When building a custom trailer or redoing an older one these complete kits are designed to take the guess work out of wiring your trailer.

  • Trailer Wire Adapter

    These Trailer Wire Adapters will allow you to adapt one type or trailer plug to another without the need to modify your trucks wiring.

  • Trailer Wire Circuit Breaker

    Prevent damage to your electrical system by installing a Circuit Breaker. A Circuit Breaker is basically a resettable fuse. When if your system overloads the breaker will disconnect power and after a short cool down period will restore power.

  • Trailer Wire Connector

    Take the frustration out of trying to wire up your trailer lights with these trick plug and play connector kits.

  • Trailer Wire Dust Cover

    Prevent dirt and corrosion from causing shorts and failure of your trailer lights with these wire end caps.

  • Trailer Wire Harness

    These Trailer Wire Harnesses will help you to wire up your vehicle for trailer towing lights. No more hanging wires to get tangled up and short out.

  • Trailer Wire Mounting Bracket

    These Mounting brackets provide a clean and professional look as well as a strong and convenient trailer plug mount.

  • Trailer Wire Tester

    These Trailer Wiring Test Lights ensure your trailer's wiring is safe & functioning properly.

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